Special Offer on Patreon is only Three Days Away!

Dear world,

We are super excited about our special offer coming up soon on Patreon that will run from 14 to 28 October.

Anyone who signs up or upgrades during this time will get a personalized digital message from us!

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It is always a pleasure to connect with Patrons online and send messages, but it is not so often that I get to meet Patrons in person. Last weekend, I had the pleasure of meeting Matteo Milanesi who has been a Patron of mine since the beginning.


You can read the post on Patreon or watch the video below:

6 Days Until Our Special Offer Launches on Patreon!

We have 6 days left before our special offer launches on Patreon.

This is what the special offer looks like:

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Anyone who joins or upgrades during this period will get a personalized digital message from us.

Please click the button below and sign up during our special offer to get your personalized digital message ASAP!

Special Offer For all New Patrons during 14.10.2019 to 28.10.2019!

Our Patrons mean everything to us!

Without you, there is no us...

We will run a special offer from 14.10.2019 to 28.10.2019, and anyone who signs up during that time will receive a personalized digital message from Benjamin L. Vidmar. Become a patron of our zero waste project for as little as $1 dollar per month, and partner with us as we work to make Longyear more sustainable.

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A Day in the Life of Polar Permaculture

We were contacted by Patagonia and sent samples of their amazing work wear clothing line made from Hemp. They requested a video of us using the clothes and here it is.

Post on Patreon

Jeff has sent back the video to his team and they will review and contact if there is a way to further tell our story.

I am excited to be sharing what we are doing here to many other places and hope to inspire others to grow their own food and compost more of their organic waste!

Death of a Polar Bear on Longyearbyen, Svalbard which is part of Norway.

With the recent death of a polar bear, Polar permaculture wants to continue to make Longyearbyen more sustainable.

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Our Quail eggs at Huset

Polar Permaculture eggs are now getting popular here in town with the hotels, and restaurants. Huset has put them on the menu and is serving them as follows:

Swedish "gubbröra" with quail egg from nybyen
and Arctic roe
Served on fennel knäckebröd


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