Cooking a five-course lunch with seaweed at the winter festival in Træna

After being accepted into the Chef in Residency program in Træna , I was very curious as to what I would do there. My residency happened to coincided with the winter fesitval, and I was paired up with Zoe Christiansen of The Northern Company, and they specialize in harvesting seaweed from around the Norway. After getting a quick course in seaweed from Zoe, I was then able to create a five-course lunch using seaweed in every course Friday afternoon.  I also prepared a BBQ dinner with fresh cod, salmon, whale, crabs, halibut, and plenty of salads on Friday night with the help of Greg and many volunteers. The lunch menu was as follows:

Seaweed shot and seaweed smoothie

Sweet potato, and seaweed salad

Egg drop, and seaweed soup

Local cod, and whale with seaweed sauce and sauteed spaghettie seaweed

Brown cheese seaweed infused panna cotta with a seaweed and cloudberry jelly.

For more information please see the video below:

Feature on NRK Nordland about Benjamin L. Vidmar preparing a five-course lunch with seaweed.

Wondeful video taken of the food  made at the Winter festival in Traena using  seaweed in every course by Kathrine Sørgård.