What to expect when you arrive at Longyearbyen, Svalbard

Are you visiting Longyearbyen, Svalbard for the first time?

Are you a bit curious what will happen once you arrive?

Would you like to be more prepared when you arrive?

Then have a look at this video that I made to help get you landing here like a local.

Normally locals find a way to get to the center with someone else arriving on the plane. I have to say that I really enjoy landing at this airport, and being in this city.

Longyearbyen is such a unique city in the world, and I do not think you will find another place like this one.

Be sure to check our our facebook groups that will connect you to the community immediately.

The Ros & Info page is where you go if you lost your wallet in town, or if you need help with something. Please visit it here.

I have never been in another city where people will return your phones, and wallets if you have lost them, and this page is the place to get them returned if it does happen to you while in town.

The other page that locals use is here, and is more if you want to buy, sale, or trade things.

Have fun and enjoy your stay in town.