Benjamin was featured in the 2016 BBC Earth series: Ice Town, Life on the Edge.

Benjamin was featured in the 2016 BBC Earth series: Ice Town, Life on the Edge.

Polar Permaculture

Sustainable Farming Solutions in the Arctic

In the world’s northernmost city with three months of darkness and unforgiving tundra, we prove that local, fresh food production is possible. Polar Permaculture Solutions, AS is the only source of fresh food on the entire Svalbard island with the use of an innovative geodesic dome greenhouse, microgreens lab, and sustainable composting system.


Reclaiming Agriculture in the Dark North


            Longyearbyen and smaller Norwegian Arctic island communities function in a harsh reality without sustainable systems - all food has to be imported and waste is either exported for incineration or dumped directly into the sea. The region used to be self-sufficient and we believe that with modern technology and courageous perseverance, it will be again. Polar Permaculture is on a mission to:

-          Nourish Our Community

Polar Permaculture is the only source of fresh food on Svalbard island. Our organic microgreens, vegetables, sprouts, and quail eggs deliver uncompromised nutrition with fair share pricing and access for all. We are proud to stock local grocery stores, hotels, restaurants, and private residences with a taste of the Arctic.

-          Create Local Resources

We farm affordable, wholesome alternatives to the costly frozen foods that are flown in with unsustainable methods. Polar Permaculture is a valuable community resource that supports the local economy and reduces imports. We strive to reclaim our island’s self-sufficient power and rebuild our connection to fresh, local food.

-          Sustain a Circular Economy

Before Polar Permaculture, Svalbard’s waste had nowhere to go and was either dumped directly into the sea or flown to Sweden for incineration. Today, 10,000 composting red worms are hard at work in our lab and greenhouse dome, breaking down and repurposing waste into a natural fertilizer for our next crops.

-          Build Global Solutions

If we can do it here, we can do it anywhere. The innovative technology and systems that we create will reach the far corners of the world. As we work tirelessly through the dark months and pour our hearts into the local farm, we dream of a brighter, more sustainable future for all.


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