What we do…

Whether you’re a local member of the Longyearbyen community or you’re a visitor in the dark north, there’s so much to eat and experience at Polar Permaculture.



            Reserve your appointment to explore the farm, see the dome, learn about permaculture practices, eat a locally-grown meal, and even try your hand at sustainable arctic agriculture! We offer a variety of tour choices for locals, tourists, foodies, and fellow innovators that range from a friendly 30-minute introduction to an all-day immersive experience.


            Basil, lettuce, sprouts, and a variety of microgreens are available for sale at local grocery stores and served daily at Svalbard restaurants. You can also purchase a taste of the Arctic online in our virtual store, sign up for local cooking classes, and take advantage of our personal chef service. We’ll shop, cook, and clean for you in your own home with fresh, local ingredients that come straight from the farm.


            Visit our market and workshop at Handicraft center next to the Galleri Svalbard to purchase handmade items and heritage souvenirs, including artisanal fish skin leather. Every purchase supports reliable, nutritious food access for the Longyearbyen community.


            As part of our commitment to a sustainable, circular cycle, we take back delivery trays with organic and biological waste for composting. The farm houses more than 10,000 red worms that create effective, organic natural fertilizer for our soil while also diminishing the harmful effects of dumping waste into the ocean. Learn about your options for home farming and purchase our soil here.