Chef in Residency

2018-02-20, Træna

Letter of reference – Benjamin Vidmar

We are very happy about having Benjamin Vidmar participating in the in Chef in Residence program in Træna from 14.02.2018- 20.02.2018.  As the core activity in the residency Benjamin became part of the annual Winter festival Træna Taken by Storm (Ta Træna med Storm) and was the head chef for the Friday program. He collaborated with local chefs, volunteers and food entrepreneurs, among them a seaweed specialist, and served a 5-course menu for 65 guests during the seminar session in the festival. It was an experimental tasting menu with local seaweed and seafood in every dish. He also prepared a festival dinner for 120 people in the outdoor arena called Hjellan.

The food was prepared from local products, and was a combination of fish, seafood, vegetables, seaweed and whale. Both activities were very appreciated by the guests, and the positive feedback was massive. During the seminar, Benjamin was invited to hold a presentation and a dialogue on stage. A short documentary was also shown. The audience was very enthusiastic about his contribution. During the residency he also cooked for locals, participated in an island hopping, had dialogues with local chefs and inspired the island community and its visitors on how to create a more sustainable food chain.

 NRK, the Norwegian Television made reports from the food events, highlighted as one of the most creative and experimenting happenings during the festival. Benjamin has fantastic qualities - as chef, speaker, food entrepreneur and sustainability engager. He is flexible, enthusiastic, warm-hearted, committed and have social skills complementing his dynamic and ambitious way of working.

We warmly recommend him for any kind of assignments!

/Moa Björnson
Head of Development, Træna Municipality
Founder Træna Artist in Residence



The Permaculture Collaborative Laboratory (CoLab) is a space to collaborate, a space to enhance the effectiveness of permaculture networks. If you share our vision of a healthy world in which we care for the earth, each other and future generations, in harmony with nature, then this is a space for you to get collaborative work done. If you are working on projects and enterprises that work towards that vision then the CoLab is where you will find support.

Benjamin L. Vidmar is working as one of the stewards on this project, and is help to shape the future of permaculture, and also the world. The CoLab meets up once per month, and go over many different ideas and issues. For more information, please see below.

Chef Residency at Nesneskaupstadur, East Iceland

From 23.07.2018 until 02.08.2018, I am here to take local ingredients, and make new recipes from them. For more information, check here, or here.