Arctic Farm to Table Tour: 4 Hours

Arctic Farm to Table Tour: 4 Hours


“Enjoy a Unique City Tour and Experience What Locally Grown, Fresh Organic Food Really Tastes Like at The Peak of Freshness!”

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Are you up for a truly unforgettable experience that combines the towns of Longyearbyen and Nyben, Polar Permaculture, Arctic Farming, and one amazingly tasty and fresh meal to cap it all off? If you are, then the Arctic Farm to Table Tour is the experience of a lifetime that awaits you!


The Arctic Farm to Table Tour will begin by picking you up at your hotel in Longyearbyen. We will then begin our city tour, showing you the city from a more permaculture and ecological perspective. We’ll then proceed to work our way towards Nyben, and finally make a stop at Polar Garden.


And then comes the fun and tasty part! You’ll be served an amazingly fresh and tasty meal that’s only made with locally grown food directly from our Arctic farm itself and combined with other fresh produce we’ll pick up locally as well. This way you’ll get to experience what true, organically grown food really tastes like when it’s at the very peak of absolute freshness. We hope your taste buds are fully prepared for this culinary experience!


During the span of our 4-hour cooking class + tour, you’ll get to shop for fresh food at the local grocery store, see our greenhouse, our lab, our gift shop, our course area, find out what it really takes to grow food successfully near the north pole, and even work with a pro chef to learn how to prepare food to make an outstanding 3-course meal from scratch. And at the end of the tour, you’ll even get a certificate for completion.


If you’d like to get a true taste of what the Arctic has to offer you, then come join us!


  • Transportation: We will pick you up from your hotel to begin the tour!
  • Length of Tour: The tour lasts up to 4 hours on average.
  • The Meal: Meal will be accommodated for any diet, even if you’re vegan.
  • Cost Per Person: Cost is only 1095,- per person.


A unique wonder of the north!

If you are interested in sustainability then make sure you book this tour - you won't be disappointed!

This experience was one of the most personal and unique experiences we've had during our stay in Longyearbyen. The really special part of the 3-hour tour was learning about the owner's journey and experience with permaculture in the Arctic - and really getting a rich understanding of the town's history - and its sustainable future.

The farm's owner, Ben, shared his story and his vision for a sustainable future in the north. The work that Ben and the project team are doing is fascinating and critical. It was great to see how this sort of farm can work in polar regions, and how it can help other remote communities around the world.

Take the tour and have your mind blown!


Come visit us, and see what it takes to be an Arctic farmer here in Longyearbyen, Svalbard.