Introduction to Arctic Permaculture: 3 Hours

Introduction to Arctic Permaculture: 3 Hours


  “Discover and Learn The Essential Basics of Polar Permaculture and Arctic Farming For Yourself…And Get a Little Dirty Along The Way!”

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Would you like to learn the most essential basics of Polar Permaculture and Arctic Farming for yourself, before taking a tour of our farm? If you do, then this extensive (and very fun!) 3-hour hands-on presentation is perfect for you.


During this information packed 3-hour session, we’ll cover the basics of Permaculture, Circular Economy, the Principles and Ethics we use to grow fresh produce and food, and much so more in great detail. We’ll also show and explain to you how we apply all of these principles in everything we do as well. And the best part of all, we’ll also get a little dirty along the way. This means you’ll get to personally take on a few small farm tasks that include: sifting and feeding our worms, working with our quails, planting new seeds for microgreen development, and how to “complete the organic circle” by using worm castings to grow some amazing vegetables!


You’ll get exclusive access to our lab, dome, workshop and gift shop as well. This is a complete hands-on session and tour that you’ll never forget. You’ll even get rewarded with your own certificate of completion at the end of the tour as well!


Come and join us for this amazing Introduction to Arctic Permaculture 3-hour session!


  • Transportation: We will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the site (free!).
  • Length of Tour: The tour lasts up to 3 hours on average.
  • Cost Per Person: Cost is only 695,- per person.



Fantastic experience and a great vision

We spent a few hours with Ben going through his vision for the Permaculture Farm and getting hands on with the work he does. He has convinced local businesses to return their unused herbs and veggies to him and he then creates compost with worms and uses this to fertilise his microherb crop and supply all the local restaurants. And then they return the unused herbs to him to provide food for the worms, and so it continues. His plans for expansion are inspiring and we hope he is successful with this venture. We just loved this place and what he's doing ❤️.

Katrina T

Learn the basics of what Polar Permaculture is doing here in Longyearben to make Svalbard more sustainable.